PikaPika is over but it was cool

PikaPika project

PikaPika was an app (available on Android and iOS) which provided a very precise radar to the Pokémon Go players all over the world. It had around 700 000 downloads.

Few days after the launch, the team reverse engineer the game to understand how it work with the help of other developers all around the world.
We did a back-end API using NodeJS and MongoDB technologies to fetch and save Pokemon positions from Pokemon Go servers on our database,

We let our source code public.

Check the Github

Some figures

  • More than 700 000 downloads in 57 countries within a month
  • 6 millions hits / day (Hey Taiwan, you scanned TOO much)
  • Up to 600 000 live Pokémon in Database
  • 400 messages received (estimation) to ask us for the launch date of the iOS version
  • 14 packs of Red Bull and 32 pizzas (estimation) ingested during the project

Thank you all

Thank you for all your messages, suggestions and help for the code. Internet is a great place.